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We want to help you achieve your  greatest  potential.

        Classical - Jazz - Rock

Gary's Guitar Place offers guitar  lessons in  the greater Roanoke area. Whatever your age you can learn the guitar. We have individual or group lessons specially designed for children ages 5-12 as well as adult programs. I have been giving guitar lessons  for over 25 years  and would love to teach you.

Gary's Guitar Place

Complete Guitar Service


Whatever you want to play on the guitar we will help you  achieve  your goals

Do you want to play and sing?

    You will develop a solid foundation of chords and rhythmic patterns to   accompany yourself  on any song you want to perform.

Do you want to play rock and roll?

    You will learn the scales and techniques necessary  to master any song  or guitar solo and even create some of your own. 

Jazz and Improvisation?

    By obtaining a thorough knowledge of Seventh chords, Triads, Scales,  Arpeggios, and many other tools you will be ready to enjoy playing in any setting.

Classical Guitar?

    Through discipline, focus and strong technique you learn to perform  the timeless repertoire of classical guitar pieces whose beauty and  charm has inspired and intrigued listeners for centuries.

Gary Has been teaching children and adults of all ages for over 25 years.  We are located in the Roanoke Virginia area.